Great Cosplay
SUBMISSIONS MUST BE MADE IN ENGLISH. Tag the series, please! Must be good-quality cosplay and a good-quality photo. Please, keep the photoshop filters to a MINIMUM; we want to see the COSTUME! Size and color of the cosplayer do not dictate the quality of the cosplay. *****If you want to submit multiple pictures of the same costume, please compile a photoset. If you try to submit them separately, I will choose the best-quality one so I don’t end up spamming a bunch of posts with the same costume.****** On that note, cosplayer spam will also either be ignored or spread out a LOT to prevent the queue from being taken over by a single person.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND HELP REQUESTS HERE. ALL help requests should go to my side blog, cosplay-help! Not everything submitted will be accepted. I will be happy to answer (privately) if you have questions about something that was declined.