Great Cosplay
  • Can I send asks regarding help with my cosplay?

No, sorry! I tried having a help blog, but it became too stressful.  Check the help links page for places to go! Any help asks submitted to this blog will be deleted.

  • Are we allowed to submit photos?

Yes! In fact, I encourage it! If you’re not sure how, check my quick walkthrough here.

  • Why wasn’t my photo published??

It could be for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are the quality of the photo itself not being very good (ie: blurry, bad lighting, etc), or the costume itself isn’t up to the quality we’re looking for here, often because there’s something off about it, such as makeup or the quality of a wig, or the costume being unhemmed. That’s not to say your cosplay isn’t good! This is just a blog to showcase the best of the best of the best (sort of like the Men in Black, but less pew pew).

I’m happy to answer (PRIVATELY, as in NOT on anon) any questions about why something wasn’t published, as long as you’re willing to listen and not flip out over my judgment. If you opt to do this and proceed to berate me, I will add you to ignore. If you are polite, I will be polite back!

On that note, if something you submit isn’t published, DO NOT KEEP SUBMITTING IT. If it gets out of hand, that will also warrant a block. Please please please don’t spam my inbox!

  • How many admins are there?

Just me! I’m thinking about adding another. If I do, I have someone in mind already.

  • Do you cosplay?

Yes, I do. However, I don’t want to seem biased with posting my own cosplays up, so I won’t unless someone else submits it or asks me to post something.

  • Do you have a main Tumblr?

Yep! I won’t be posting it here unless people ask though.

  • Why do you post up a lot of western cosplay?

It’s what I’m more familiar with. I haven’t watched much anime or read a lot of manga since high school (which was quite a few years ago), so it’s kind of sticking with what I’m currently into. However, I do try to post good anime cosplay when I see it, and would love to see what everyone else has to show us.

  • Are you a boy or girl? How old are you?

Female, old enough to be truly sad and nostalgic that Harry Potter is over… and to be through with college. That doesn’t narrow it down much, I know, but … I like to be a bit of an enigma.

  • What the hell is your icon?

Slowbrostrider. It’s sort of a lame Homestuck joke. It was made by the awesome Kishmond!

  • I don’t want my photo on here anymore!

That’s fine! Just ask (politely) and point me to which photo it is, and I’ll be more than happy to take it down. 

  • What’s the source for x costume?

If I have a source (IE: I have found the link myself or have been given one), I put the cosplayer’s url into both the clickthrough link and the source box. If it’s not there, I either took the photo at a convention myself and do not know who they are (and will note that in that case), or it was submitted to me without a link (submissions are tagged with ‘submission’). 

If the latter two situations do not apply, there’s a chance that someone removed the source as the image got reblogged around, which does happen (even though I’d really prefer it didn’t). If this happens, just go to the original image on my page and you should find the source.

  • Why don’t you have links to the cosplayers for all the costumes?

I don’t find all the costumes in places where they credit the cosplayer. Sometimes there are albums from conventions that fan websites publish, sometimes they’re single photos from places like Reddit, and sometimes they’re reblogged from other people where no source was given. If you know the cosplayer though, feel free to link me to their page (as well as the post with their costume in it) so I can credit accordingly!

  • How did you do x on y costume?!

THESE COSPLAYERS ARE NOT ME! I will tag ones of myself, but otherwise, these are all different people! PLEASE follow the source and ask them how they did something!

After all, it seems a bit extreme for all the thousands of cosplayers posted here to all be me. ;)

If you have any further questions, just toss me an ask in my ask box and I’ll be happy to answer them!