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  1. devkyu said: Ugh, I feel your pain, I had the same happen last October. If any of the wounds feel really hot, tell your dentist and they can get you an antibiotic to help. They can easily get infected.

Haha yeah I’m already on penicillin 4x a day. ;_; I’ve also been super careful about keeping them clean because I am really paranoid. Everything seems normal though, which is good… and I have an appointment Monday for them to poke at it and go “yeah you’re fine” or “what the hell did you do?”

It’s just wearing me out so bad.

Do you accept links to reblogs as submissions?

I do!

Hi, the photos of the Malicefent Cosplay is from somelikeitblue(.)tumblr just for your information, so you can tag her or something.

(: It’s already sourced to her deviantart.

These last couple weeks have been pretty awful for me. So sorry!

I’d been in a great deal of pain because of impacted wisdom teeth, which I had taken care of Monday (all four at once!). So, since then I’ve been in a state of either groggy as hell or asleep. This is probably going to continue for another week or two while I heal.

I’ll try to pop in to check submissions and stuff, but with how I’ve been feeling (took two naps today, if that tells you anything), I can’t guarantee a whole lot… especially since I’ve been pretty scatterbrained from the meds.

<3 love you all, darlings!

Marshall Lee

Marshall Lee


Big Band “Fantastic Baby” inspired photo shoot with Commander-K as TOP and Team Fuu as GDragon

hoto by: JouninK Cosplay

t was blazing hot outside, but it sure was fun hanging out with you two toptahp and fuucosplay


Based on this text post.

Can this be a new meme? Because I would LOVE to see my friends do this!




Asami Sato (left) and Mako (right) from The Legend of Korra


  • Kamiko-Zero [TM / TW / DA / FB] (Asami Sato)
  • OkumuraFin [TW / DA / WO] (Mako)
Photographer: mokrushina [WW / DA]
Joker and Harleen Quinzel cosplay from Batman Arkham Origins Videogame.
For more go to

Joker and Harleen Quinzel cosplay from Batman Arkham Origins Videogame.

For more go to